Hall of Fame Umpires

Umpire Hall of Fame

In recognition for contributions to the sport of Girls Softball, and especially for all of the long hours and dedication to our sport, the following individuals have been inducted into our Umpire Hall of Fame.

ICA Softball – Hall of Fame Umpires by Year of Induction

Joe Thompson2003
Roger Garrison2004
Herman Ghode2004
Chris Long2004
Roger Nichols2004
Willie Smith2004
Joe Fritsch2005
John Heap2005
Jerry McDaniels2005
Barry Pepper2005
Lloyd Stewart2005
Larry Bishop2006
Pat Creek2006
Tom Griffin2006
Ted Knapp2006
Larry Landers2006
Stu Seggebruch2006
Milt Hand2007
Dale Johnson2007
Dick Kessler2007
Bobbi Mattingly2007
Ken Miars2007
Nick Finck2008
Darwin Powell2008
Richard Schwab2008
James Turner2008
Sally Walker2008
Lisa Harvey2009
Stanley Johnson2009
Dennis Price2009
Mary Sylvester2009
Timothy Alonzo2010
Chris Smith2010
Steve Hardwick2010
Don Cook2011
Tony Swat2011
Robert Hawkins2012
Jeff Reese2012
Tim Smith2012
Larry Haywood2013
Dan Krueger2013
Fred McNeeley2013
Louis Lang2014
Dana Nissen2014
Donald Christ2014
Sharon Brosius2014
Norm Mueller Sr2015
Larry Wilcoxen2015
Gale Thorman2015
Jeff Peterson2016
Penny York2016
Marty O’Leary2017
Rick Alderson2017
Jeff Brice2017
Chris Schaefer2018
Bruce Mayhew2018
Linda Wilson2018
Roger Pfister2018
Scott Sobeski2018
Fred Schlessinger2019
Steve Verive2019
Kenneth Miller2019
Larry Holland2019
Carl Berns2019
Pat Everett2020
Jeff Bert2020
Bonnie Kuenster2020
Charles M Frischer2020
Eugene Brown2020
Jim Cahill2020
Lyle Meador2020
Andy Forcier2021
Tim McMahon2021
Candice Daniel2021
Van Wilson2021
Doug Humphrey2022
Les Trotter2022
Bob Williams2022
Mark Ginski2022
Chris Terpstra2022